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AC Market app is the one of the mostly used and trusted Android App store all the time. It became more and more popular among Android users because of it’s similarity to Google Play Store. Since this app looks like play store app it made people to use it ease instead of learning to use it.

Comes with different themes and you have full freedom to change it. Most popular theme is the play store theme that looks like that app. No subscription required and no registrations either. All comes free. Only downside is having ads. There are no popup ads that make you upset. Only single ad at the bottom of your app and it little annoying. No huge advertisements popups like other free apps. 

AC Market App

Lets review this app store. First of all check out is main level categorization. Only categories that make it simple.


Actually what are mods. Mod refer to modification. Mod apps or mod games refer to modification of the original app. Modification was done based on different needs. For example in order to use paid app for free. Any one who install mod version of the paid version will be able to used it for free. Other thing is to add more and more functionalities to the original app like GB WhatsApp. Why more functionalities. It is because many original apps does not have most of the features that users requested due to several reasons. That’s why mods play major role this category. This app store has literally all the kinds of mods you wants including mod apps and mod games.

In mod section you will see recommended section, most popular and new section. That make it easier for users to get hands on with mod apps/games.  Inside this secction all apps are again categorized. Those categories are,

  1. Strategy
  2. Social
  3. Action
  4. Music and Audio
  5. Productivity
  6. Adventure

Above shows only the most popular categories only. There are more 


Here too you can find recommended games, , Most popular and new releases. Contain all most all Android games that are good and interesting instead of having useless buggy games.

This section too divided in to several categories in order to search the game types you love. Below mention most popular categories only.

  1. Role Playing
  2. Strategy
  3. Racing
  4. Casino
  5. Arcade
  6. Action


Every day lots of new apps get added to this section. First you may see recommended app section and below popular apps and newly added section. Since most of the apps are removed from Play Store due to certain laws on different countries and copyright issues you will find it difficult to find those apps. Removed from play store does not mean those apps are malicious or not suitable to use. There are lots of great apps out there that are not in play store. Downloading official version is tricky since most of the apps does not have official website. If so it is difficult to find their official website. So best way is to download those apps via ac market app section. Because you will fully guaranteed that you will have the latest and official version of the app you are looking for.

Below mention only the most popular categories on “App” section. Check out the app for full list of categories.

  1. Photography
  2. Social
  3. Media and Video
  4. Weather
  5. Tools
  6. Entertainment


AC Market App Screenshots

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